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Born and raised in Rhode Island and now living in Massachusetts, Kristen is a creative woman and a caring mother of two beautiful boys. She is trendy and enjoys using her resourcefulness and sensitivity to make the world a better place. Kristen is intoxicated by the vivid colors of nature and loves the outdoors, strong coffee, and reading novels.

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Why turkaffe?

The Norwegian turkaffe, literally hiking coffee, is one of the oldest coffee traditions. It is prepared simply but meticulously and that is how Kristen aims to live her life. Deliberately creating space to function in a hectic world; her goal is to bring that same meticulous approach to all she does.

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Database back-ended, feature rich desktop applications for your business or hobby


From Borealis in Riverside to Gracenote Boston, life and memories can be measured in coffee

Knitted Things

Busy hands to help keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy

Made with Love

Everything made with love

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